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Step inside a veritable taillanderie and discover this craft. Maison Luquet opens its doors to you for a chat. This workshop, which once housed the axe-making site for Notre Dame de Paris, is full of stories, magical smells, extraordinary machines and tools of all kinds. The visit includes an introduction to the trade, a documentary film, a tour of the woodworking and carving workshops, and a time for discussion.  
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In the heart of the small Alsatian village of Gunsbach, come and visit the house of one of the most famous Nobel Peace Prize winners: Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), musician, philosopher, theologian, doctor in Africa and pioneer of humanitarian medicine. The example of a man gifted with unfailing optimism and his museum dedicated to ‘Respect for Life’ will encourage young and old alike to question the meaning of their time on Earth.
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Come and discover a wide range of wild plants on a gentle walk. A real treasure trove beneath our feet! Learn to use all your senses to identify the plants of our region, and their food and medicinal uses. For children aged 6 and over. 
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Want to become a pastry chef for a day? Willy offers you a workshop to become an expert pretzel maker!
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Schlitte? What's Schlitte? Come and visit the schlitte and woodworking museum and find out all about this tool that enabled men to lower the tree trunks in our forests. Immerse yourself in this Munster Valley craft.
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A unique experience combining botanical discovery and culinary pleasure! Dive into the heart of the beautiful Munster Valley in search of edible green treasures with Caroline. 
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Go to the Wihr-au-val town hall and follow the guide, Pierre, who is always ready to show you around his beautiful village in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
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Discover Lake Altenweiher in the company of composer Jim Petit. After a hike from Mittlach to the lake, you'll listen through headphones to the musical piece created by Jim using soundscapes and dowser pendulum analysis of the lake's waters to programme his synthesisers and learn about the musical notes of the Altenweiher over the seasons. The sound experience blends with the view of the lake and the sounds of the day. As well as experiencing the sounds of the lake, Jim suggests that you discover the sound of the Kolben bridge during periods of high water and the tumult of the stream that flows into the lake during periods of melting snow.
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The ancient art of marbled paper is now disappearing. For one hour, you can create your own sheets of marbled paper in the workshop of Fanny Schaeffer, one of the last marble artists still working in France.
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Join Juliette for a sensory and creative stroll where every step holds a surprise. As a family, let yourself be captivated by fun activities that will awaken your senses and strengthen your bonds. Immerse yourself in nature's fascinating stories, allow yourself moments of relaxation and connection with your environment, and explore games that encourage cooperation, observation and wonder. 
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Discover 8 wild medicinal plants that sound artist Jim Petit has picked from the Koeplé massif in Mittlach, distilled to extract their essential oils and hydrolats, analysed with a pendulum to compose and record their music on his Moog synthesizers. Comfortably installed on hammocks in the barn-studio, come and enjoy a 35-minute sound siesta to the sound of these plants and the diffusion of their essential oils.
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Let's set off to discover the exceptional flora that graces the slopes of the Petit Ballon. As we explore its slopes, we'll be amazed by the breathtaking views over the Munster valley. We'll discover the surrounding plain and even, on a clear day, a view of the majestic Alps in the distance. This excursion invites us to immerse ourselves in the region's plant diversity while savouring the spectacular panoramas before our eyes - a breathtaking experience in the heart of nature. 
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Discover the excitement of the mountain bike trails in the valley with our guided day trip! Take in the beautiful scenery while enjoying the ease of electric assistance. An unforgettable day full of thrills and shared pleasures. (Packed lunch or optional Schallern picnic to be paid for on site).   
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Discover a former French military hospital, which was used to treat wounded soldiers and civilians from 1915 to 1918. Now restored, the Ambulance Alpine has become an interpretation centre on the war in the valley since it opened on 11 July 2015. Volunteers will be on hand to guide you through the exhibition.
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Have you ever observed the sky in the mountains? Enjoy a 100% natural spectacle on a short hike to the heights of the Vallée de Munster. Meet up at the Col du Wettstein with your specialist astronomy guide for a lovely climb to the heights. Once out of the forest, together you will discover the sky and its secrets. How do you find your way around, what are the major stars, what are the legends behind the constellations? A magical moment for lovers, families or friends!
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Do you like artisanal products and meeting local producers? Come and visit the Marcaire brewery.
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An educational outing in small groups for young and old. The aim is to learn the basics of the art of stalking. The idea is to understand how to observe the fauna of our mountains in complete tranquillity! The aim of the outing is not to see as many animals as possible, but to learn how to prepare for a stalk, how to make yourself forgotten and how to leave without leaving a trace.
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Welcome to our stork walk, the majestic birds that symbolise fertility and good fortune in many cultures. This walk offers you a unique opportunity to observe storks in their natural habitat and learn more about their behaviour, migration and efforts to protect the species.
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Once the mountain is calm again, come and discover the chamois in their natural habitat on an easy walk suitable for all participants. The walk lasts between 1h45 and 2 hours. You will be equipped with a telescope and binoculars to get the best view of the chamois.
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Explore the history of the Gaschney massif on an exciting electrically-assisted mountain bike tour. Ride along old paths steeped in the history of the 14-18 war and discover captivating historical ruins. Along the way, soak up the peaceful beauty of Lake Schiessroth. An immersive experience combining heritage and unspoilt nature.
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"Between fir trees and rocks, it's your turn to play! Discover archery on a nature trail, in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Hautes Vosges. You'll benefit from the knowledge and advice of a qualified archery professional. An introduction to archery on the range will enable participants to learn the basics before competing on an 8-target course in varied mountain terrain. Archery on a course is the pleasure of mastering your bow in any situation!