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Discover the practice of snowshoeing and experience a complete change of scenery on the Gaschney site with its magnificent view of the Hohneck massif surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the ridges. Outing from 8 years old
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This is a family outing to delight young and old! (from 3 years old). This outing will be an opportunity for the whole family to marvel at the winter landscapes of the Schnepfenried resort. You will experience unforgettable moments of discovery and sharing: reading animal tracks, games in the snow and in the forest, making a mini igloo, etc.
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Discover the beauty of the Hautes Vosges in winter and the joys of snowshoeing for all in a preserved environment. Outing from 8 years old.
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Snowshoeing at dusk followed by an introduction to astronomy. Discover the constellations around a campfire. And to continue your evening, you can book a meal at the Seestaedltle in a typical Alsatian inn as an option. Minimum age: 8 years. 
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It is through a snowshoe walk on the Vosges ridges that you will discover magnificent landscapes. It will also be an opportunity to learn more about the adaptation of the fauna to the difficult conditions of winter in the mountains, its vulnerability and how to protect it. Outing from 8 years old.
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Enjoy the night-time atmosphere of the mountain and savour a delicious raclette or munstiflette as an option. Outing from 8 years old. 
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(Re)discover the winter mountain, its magical landscapes, the signs of animal life, the local history. Leave with memories and images in your head! ( From 8 years old )
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Take advantage of the calm of nature to discover the winter mountains by night. After the effort, the comfort (optional when booking): The walk will be followed by a typical meal in a refuge or mountain inn. For ages 8 and up.
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This beautiful snowshoe hike will lead you to the trout lake. You will discover the typical Vosges landscapes as well as breathtaking views of the Munster valley. From 8 years old.
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Starting from the Col du Platzerwasel, this escapade will take you to the crests to enjoy a magnificent panorama of the valley and will be followed by a wine or hot chocolate in a farmhouse, all in a friendly atmosphere to the sound of the accordion. From 8 years old.