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Up close, from afar, from the inside... come and discover our forests and their particularities!  I'll take you to the Vosges ridges for a walk on the theme of the forest: an opportunity to learn more about forest management, its ecosystems and discover the influence of the climate on its morphology. Hike from 8 years old.
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Set off on the chamois trail, and at the bend in a path, observe a chamois on its chosen ground. Terre de Sylphe offers you the opportunity to observe chamois on the stubble fields of the Vosges massif while admiring the magnificent views of the cirques and glacial lakes. Outing from 6 years old. 
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Discover the Altenweiher lake in the company of composer Jim Petit. After a hike from Mittlach to the lake, you will listen with headphones to the musical piece created by Jim from the soundscapes of the Altenweiher lake over the seasons. The sound experience is mixed with the view of the lake and the sound of the day. In addition to the sound encounter with the lake, Jim suggests that you discover the sound vibration of the Kolben bridge during floods and the tumult of the lake's spillway stream during the snowmelt. Minimum age 8 years.
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A nice walk on the heights of the Valley of Munster with a time of discovery of yoga in the middle of nature. A break to take time to recharge your batteries. An outing organised by Céline, a mid-mountain guide and yoga teacher. Yoga for beginners or those who have never practiced before.  Outing from 6 years old.
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In the evening, when the mountain is calm again, the chamois appears discreetly on the stubble. This is the moment we have chosen to observe them.  Outing from 5 years old.
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Meet us at the end of the world for a hike offering magnificent views of the Vosges Mountains! The hike starts at the very end of the valley and climbs through a magnificent forest to reach the Breitfirst stubble fields. From here, magnificent panoramic views await you. As an option, it is possible to climb the Lauchenkopf (1314 m), one of the highest peaks in the Vosges. For hikers aged 10 and over.
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Discover the practice of archery on a nature course, in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Hautes Vosges. An initiation on the range will allow participants to acquire the basics of archery and then compete on a course of 8 targets in varied mountain terrain. Archery on a course is the pleasure of mastering your bow in any situation! From 8 years old.
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Hiking between the Hautes Chaumes and glacial cirques! This hike takes us to one of the most "alpine" parts of the Vosges. Our ascent takes us to the Hautes Chaumes, typical landscapes of the Hautes Vosges, shaped in particular by the particular climate that prevails there. The return journey takes us to the Lac du Forlet, a remnant of an ancient glacier. This is a hike for 10 years and older.
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A one-day hike, to allow you to fully appreciate the landscapes, nature and culture of the upper Munster Valley. Away from the busy paths you will cross deep forests, marshes and high stubble fields with magnificent panoramic views of the High Vosges. From 10 years old.